About Us

Adam, The Kalman Brothers and Nathan have harboured a close friendship since their teens. All avid vapers since the vape boom hit, these individuals have always been considered connoisseurs in their local industry.

The light bulb went off when ben bought some new juice and they noticed hat there was type of debris floating in bottle. he contacted Adam who a chemical engineer from world-renowned North American university.

They began brewing their first clean pure craft e-juices for themselves and a very select few friends. The juice took off immediately when word got out were high profile list of clients from celebrities to athletes public officials.

very few people have had access to their products mainly due the scale and only word of mouth advertising. until now…

juice box co was created to bring the same high-quality craft e-juices public, taking brewery approach vape industry these individuals with a passion for aping and education technical expertise create new unique small batch flavours every month their subscribers.

unfortunately, due to the scale and quality of juices, they are only accepting a small number subscribers, but as we scale up more spots will open up.

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